Thesaurus of Mathematical Languages,
or MATLAB synonymous commands in Python/NumPy

The idea of the "Mathesaurus" is to provide a quick reference for switching to open-source mathematical computation environments for computer algebra, numeric processing and data visualisation.

Examples of well known systems are Matlab, IDL, SPlus, with their open-source counterparts Octave, Scilab, Python (with NumPy, matplotlib and IPython modules), R and Gnuplot. Or CAS tools like Mathematica, Maple, MuPAD, with Axiom and Maxima as open alternatives.

Yes, there are other languages that should be considered, but I have a life to live also. If you want something included, you are free to contribute by adding commands for GDL, PDL, GAUSS, Derive, Reduce, Algae, Lush, Yorick, Dislin, GLE, FreeMat,


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Source reference in XML format (using this Relax-NG schema).
HTML and PDFs with different scope are available, sorted by popularity:

NumPy for Matlab users (HTML)
R for Matlab users (HTML)
Numpy for Numeric users (HTML)
Numpy for R users (HTML)
NumPy for IDL users (HTML)

Matlab—Python—R (PDF)
IDL—Python—Matlab (PDF)
All in one list (PDF)

Copyright statement and attributions

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Thanks to: Robin Hankin, Gary Ruben.

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